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Aertex 86045

  • Aertex 86045
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    Aertex 86045Aertex 86045
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    Two-Piece Collar with Stiffner
    Hort Sleeve with Plaquet Pocket
    Polo Half Plaquet
    The Air-conditioned Shirt

     In 1887, two prominent members of the medical profession made the sudden realisation that air, trapped in fine mesh fabrics, acted as the perfect insulator. Aertex shirts continue that original idea, keeping you cool, when the weather is warm and warm, when the weather is cool, all the time letting your body breathe.


    18 Navy, 39 Bottle


     Range 86045

    Style No:
    Collar: Peak
    Fit: Polo
    Fabric: 35% Cotton
      65% Polyester
      Cellular Weave


    Sizes: S - 4X






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