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“The original cellular cotton” fabric.  Aertex shirts adjust to any condition, letting your body breathe while keeping you cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cool.  Perfect for the man with adventure in his blood.  Available in Classic and Cotton Superior fabrics, throughout Australasia.  In Australia Aertex is licensed from Aertex Ltd, England.

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Aertex Stock Service

Our selection of stock service shirts are made from durable polyester, cotton yarn in the distinctive cellular weave for hard wearing situations for boys school-wear and business purposes where comfort and durability are paramount.

Aertex - The Air-conditioned Shirt

AERTEX shirts are manufactured from 100% cotton in the distinctive AERTEX cellular weave. The air is trapped in the cloth and by being ‘clothed in air’ the body is allowed to breathe, adjusting to any condition keeping you cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cool.

Aertex Function Polo

Aertex Function Polo

A cotton polyester performance knit.Comfortable and easy to wear. Made to handle the changing conditions of an active lifestyle.

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moisture wicking Moves moisture away from the body keeping skin cool and dry.
quick dry Fast drying, rapid evaporation of moisture to regulate body temperature.
anti microball Prevents odour in garments during and after workouts.

Aertex Function Polo Logo

Aertex Function Polo