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Quality since 1919

The commitment to quality has been a vital part of Ambler & Company’s marketing approach since 1919. The company’s slogan “No-one ever regretted buying Quality” still stands today.

Ambler & Co Ltd have made men’s and women’s fashion wear to exacting standards ever since the late Fred Ambler sold his first coloured shirts to fashion leaders in the rather conservative society of 1920’s Auckland.

Fred founded the Company in May 1919 after returning wounded from WWI and commenced business with six staff in Albert Street until he built his own building in 1925 in Wellesley Street.

Fred was innovative; he had a huge sense of fun and the support of other leading Auckland businessmen.  But most of all he stuck rigidly to the quality ethos in everything he did, it’s a philosophy that’s just as fashionable today.

Fred’s son Norman built up the business overseeing the opening of branch factories in Glen Eden and Browns Bay in the 1950’s and moving the distribution/ warehouse/cutting/cloth store in the 60’s and office in the 80’s to Grey Lynn which is the current headquarters today.  At its peak of local production Ambler & Company employed over 400 people spread over four sites.

With the dismantling of import licensing and the introduction of tender licensing and then tariffs, which have slowly been lowered over the past 20 years, the company has consolidated its operations and in 2012 moved from it's Grey Lynn Summit House buildings to modern head office and warehouse premises at Harbourside Business Park, 481 Rosebank Rd, Avondale.

Norman’s son, David has continued the family tradition and is the current Managing Director.

The Company has maintained its position as one of New Zealand’s leading fashion marketers by not only remaining focused on its key market niches – business shirts, casual wear for men and women, and sleepwear but by expanding that into associated products since the acquisition of Klipper in 1998 with ties, robes, handkerchiefs and Innsbrook with trousers.

Klipper was founded in 1931 by the Klippel family until sold in 1976 to John Webster then in 1987 to Bendon and then to Ceramco in 1989 has been recognized as a leader in the apparel industry in both New Zealand and Australia over the years. The products are synonymous with quality, style and value and the name is well recognized by consumers in both countries.    In 1991 the Company won a New Zealand Trade Development Board Export Commendation for its achievements in the Australian market.

Summit Brands

Klipper Brands

Licences for Pierre Cardin Shirts for New Zealand and Pierre Cardin Robes for Men and Women for Australasia.

These brands have been known and accepted over many years in New Zealand by discerning, quality conscious buyers.

Today, Ambler & Company also supply a wide range of these brands and products to the Australasian market including:-


Innovative in its use of textiles, colour and style, Ambler & Co has maintained a leading edge by continually searching out the best in overseas trends, by maintaining top name brands as a marketing strength, and by sticking to the top quality ethos. 


Trend setters in fashion, and leaders in textiles, Ambler & Co is noted for selecting only the best from the world’s leading textile manufacturers. By carefully selecting superior yarns and fabrics, we maintain our leading position and provide the quality that our retailers and customers expect.

Customer Satisfaction

The retail environment in recent years has dictated substantial change and improvements to our customer service.  Flexibility and adaptability are the keynotes.

Stock Service

A comprehensive collection of shirts and trousers are available on a continuous supply basis, which are constantly reviewed and updated at regular intervals to keep pace with today’s constantly changing markets.


Smartly tailored staff uniforms will significantly enhance your company’s image.  Shirts and ties can be embroidered with company/club logos/motifs.  Consult our corporate uniforms division and we can talk to you about design flair combined with practicality.

Retailers act as our agents in this growing market.  Discuss your needs with our representatives and we can help you grow your business locally.